Zodiac Legends

The traditional Chinese calendar repeats every 60 years and rotates between a series of 12 zodiac animals and five elements. This digital art, Zodiac Legends, celebrates the incredible zodiac animals and their unique traits and personalities through vibrant and eye-catching artwork.

About 12 Zodiac


A yang zodiac with the fixed wood element. The tiger is known to be courageous and never backs down from a fight. Its roar may be loud, but its bite is even louder. The tiger is extremely emotional and rarely bluffs when it comes to confrontation. It is also known to be intense and emotional, often wearing its heart on its sleeve. The authoritative nature of the tiger often means it rises to the top as the leader of a pack. However, behind all of the bravery and strength, the tiger is still a beautiful creature.

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A yang zodiac with the fixed earth element. The dragon is known to be energetic and fearless. It will not think twice about running headfirst into trouble if it believes it is the best thing to do. You are unlikely to be able to outrun, outfight, or outthink a dragon, which is what makes them such a fearsome and powerful foe. However, the dragon is also warm-hearted and charismatic, always open to listening to reason, making friends, and fighting for the right cause.

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A yang zodiac with the fixed fire element. The horse is known to enjoy travelling the world and takes everything in its stride. This zodiac animal is energetic and physical, while also being extremely independent in its ways. However, the horse can also be impatient in certain situations, and is more than capable of defending itself with its overwhelming size, power, and speed.

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